Last Stretch

OK, so this is my last 3 days at work, and I am starting to feel the stress and uncertainty that is life after this place.  10 years with the one company and leaving without a job to go to is freaking me out.  But I would prefer that to the tears and self loathing I have come to start thinking of as normal.

I have started my degree and to be honest I think I am stupid – my brain is not understanding most of the concepts in the course material, but hubby just tells me I am being silly. Hopefully getting out of this place with allow me to build my confidence back up again.  I think I am just not sure of myself anymore or my researching abilities…fingers crossed I can change that quickly 😀

Thanks to the massive nab stuffups this weekend as well I have no idea how much money we have – I was supposed to buy a treadmill this weekend, however hubby’s pay only went in this morning – should have been Friday – and we still have duplicate amounts showing in our online banking.  So the tready may have to wait until I get my actual payout from work as I can’t figure what money we actually have at the moment.

So will start my exercise regime without the tready, but considering the rain we are having, I really wish I had one.  I don’t want to walk outside in the public domain – poeple can see me…and I don’t want to be seen.  I am so uncomfortable and unfit – I get all red faced and puffy and I don’t want to be out there where people can see me and make fun of me….Bah humbug is all I can say!



One thought on “Last Stretch

  1. Minxi says:

    Not long now!!! It’ll take a while to hit you once you do leave, but if you need to talk, you’ve got my numbers…..please call me. I have an idea of what you might be feeling, different yes, but similar.


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