Finding it hard now

With only 3.5 days to go I am finding it hard to keep the focus and drive to do any work at all..  My plan for the day was to clear all my work from my personal queue and then not allocate myself anymore, but even getting through the 30 cases I have sitting there is proving difficult – I am just procrastinating my way through the day.

I don’t want my advisers to get upset with the lack of service, but honestly, I just can’t seem to keep the momentum going!!

Spoke to another recruitment agency today, I am meeting up with them on the 8th for an interview and discussion about what I want etc.  She was impressed with my resume said I had some wonderful experience etc 🙂  So that is 3 recruitment agencies who have all been impressed with my experience – always a good sign I think 😀

CRAP, just realised I have my speicalist on the 8th…I may have to change it with her when she sends me an email to confirm!!  I wasn’t even thinking when she said the date….lucky i remembered.


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