Bah humbug – spouse visa stuff

Mum didn’t hear anything yesterday morning, so she called me in hysterics about it.  She was going off her head at Australia and how we are arseholes essentially, and what I don’t have the heart to tell her when she is on a rant, because she is upset, is that it is not Australia, it is a bunch of people, processing paperwork who don’t give a shit.  They don’t have any connection to my mother or the situation and they don’t care about each person – if they did I am sure they would never get anything done.  I am sure they deal with more than just one case a day and I would hazard a guess that over the years they have seen everything and therefore they are desensitized to people’s concerns.

I am not saying it is right or justified or even fair, but I just think taking it out on Australia is not really where the blame needs to be laid.  Get onto the human rights commission and take them to court for negligence or whatever, lay the blame where it is deserved.  I know if I said this mum would probably argue the poin that she has written to the prime minister and haven’t heard a response so again Australia sucks, but to be fair – the prime minister also has a job to do – and she probably never saw any letters – you have to wonder at the type of mail politicians get every day – people who screen again probably don’t really give a rats arse about one person asking for help or being angry or whatever.

Anyway my point to all of this, is that the department of immigration are just being dicks.  They keep promising mum an answer – so far they keep moving the date and it drives me mad that they can’t just keep to their promises or at least let her know the day before that it is going to be delayed etc.  My mum was completely out of her mind yesterday and I am pretty certain she must have the best employer in the world to let her take so many days off because of all this.

I worry that she is going to lose her job and her husband and her mind before this is all done and I am not the type to let that lie.  I have over the last few weeks considered writing a scathing letter to the department about this, but I kind of want to wait until a decision has at least been made before i do that.  That way if it a negative decision my scathing letter can be even more scathing….if he is approved, I might make it a disappointed letter but not quite scathing….

One of mum’s commenters on her blog said they should do a campaign in letters – and while in theory – that sounds great – mum’s hubby doesn’t have the cleanest history and I would hate for that to be the straw that broke their back on this.  I don’t mean clean as in illegal etc, but he was removed from the country because of idiocy and they may just back themselves up again if we push them to the edge.

Mum did write a post about how we shouldn’t be scared of our country and we should be able to stand up – but in the end – i disagree with her on that.  I would rather shut up, behave and not rock the boat if it means I am not screwing my partners chances of being here with me.  They have the power in this situation – and we need to wait on them.  Being a control freak like my mum, I know how hard this must be for her, I know what it is like not being able to have the answers immediately.

Anyway, fingers crossed we hear something today……fingers crossed every day.. 😦