Don’t read this if your squeamish about periods :D

Let’s jusy say I am having a crappy period this month.  I will put details behind the cut for those that don’t like reading about it, please skip over it.   Everyone else feel free to offer me your “awwws” and “ahhhhs” and give me many hugs and back rubs ok?

Friday night, I started having massive massive cramping.  I was pretty sore, but I figured normal period pain…..until Saturday when i was screaming, normally I just deal with the discomfort, but saturday was actual pain, full stomach tearing, knife wrenching pain.  SO I have been chowing down the nurofen like it is candy and even then I am still in pain….it takes the edge off it slightly…but not enough….

So anyway, this morning, I was tossing up between going to work and going to the doctor for a presciption for cramping medicine.  I used to have suoper strength naproxen….mmmmm was sooo good, was like double the over the counter srength and used to actually work on my cramps.  Anyway I decided to go to the Dr instead as the pain was slowly building again and I could not handle the thought of a full day at work with this pain. 

It got to about 10:00 and OMG, I coughed….a small throay clearing cough almost and that was the end of it.  It looked like someone had been murdered in my computer room.  The cough caused the bleed to just erupt.  Suffice it to say I had to jum p through the shower and then mop half the house and I have put two loads of blood covered clothes/towels on so far.

The above has since happened twice and I am very glad I did not go to work today as there is nothing, absolutely nothing I could have done had I been out in public and the above had happend.

I have had to change my pad almost every 30 minutes to avoid leakage and even then it is cutting it close.  The Dr has advised if it is not easing up by Wednesday we may need to put me in hospital, as it is I am having an ultrasound done on Friday to ensure there is no exploding cysts which may have caused the non stop bleeding.

I am absolutely exhausted now. I feel as though I have been run over by a Kenworth multiple times. Hubby is on late shifts this week as well, so I may have to send him to the shops to get me some broccolli and eggs and mushrooms 😀

2 thoughts on “Don’t read this if your squeamish about periods :D

  1. minxi says:

    zomg….can you see my jaw-droppingly horrified look from here? It’s a silent ‘omg’ face, so there’s no sound. Picture it already?

    Could you possibly be miscarrying? Even the slightest chance?

    Otherwise, gah to bursting cysts…..yikes!

    I’ve been lucky to have basically normal function since my mid 20’s. But I remember the crippling pain from my mid-teeens, boy do I remember the pain.

    Mucho sympathy for you.

    And pffffft to work – what are they gonna do? heheheheheeh

    I hope you start to feel better soon and that the bleeding eases. Hot bath maybe?

    • dragonray says:

      I used to be regular, like to the hour regular. Then once I started putting on all this weight it started going wonky and I know all I need to do is lose the weight, that takes time and unfortunately I have not been doing it fast enough! :/ That will change in a fortnight when I get my treadmill, but until then I have to deal with weird arse crap like this :/

      The Dr mentioned miscarriage, but as far as I was aware, due to my PCOS in conjunction with my weight gain, I am in theory not ovulating….doesn’t mean one didn’t finally get released though. Also I have been on the pill for the last month in an attempt to stop the 6 month long period 😀 hehehe Anything is possible though, the dr didn’t do a pregnancy test on me because I had just gone to the loo whilst waiting at the clinic….but they did take bloods so maybe if they are able they can do it from there….

      I was thinking about the bath, but I think it is just too free flowing to make that a viable option :/ I do feel a little guilty abotu work, consdering it is my last 2 weeks, but it is not like I am faking a cold to just not have to turn up…..

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