homeeeeee….on the rangeeeeeeee

Hubby is in Sydney for a couple of days so I am all alone 😦  He will be back Friday, so not that bad really…it is a quick trip, which is good.

I have confirmed my appointment at the ear specialist for the 8th December at 1.20pm i9n Sunbury.  So have to find the hospital out there, but it is better than having to drive into melbourne 😀  He is the closest specialist in my area, but he also services Melbourne.  Fingers crossed he can get me in for surgery sooner rather than later, but I am not holding my breath to be honest.  I am just so sick of having constant ear pain!!

Next on my list after this is to get my abscyss investigated as it has not healed and it has been well over a year since it was operated on, but I really want my ear sorted out first!

It has also been one week since I resgiend to the day, so I only have 3 more weeks to go!!!!  Cannot express my excitment properly. I am just so happy and feeling so much less stressed in some ways to be getting out of here, the other half of me is having trouble keeping my cool because I know I am getting out of here….just the amount of retardation is increasing (it seems) and I am finding it a real struggle to continue being nice to fucking idiots who I won’t have to work with ever again shortly.

I have an interview at an agency this afternoon, so am just planning on getting my resume out there a little, I am not overly worried about a job right at this point in time, so it is very nice to have the luxury(?) of not being consumed by job issues.

Anyway I suppose I should try and get focused on some work…actually I am training people for the last 3 weeks I have to get them skilled up in some functions as I am one of the last experienced people left in the company…saysa lot when people are fleeing!!