visa update and general stuff

Went and saw my mum on Friday night, was the usual discussion about the visa we are waiting to hear anything about.  I am quite surprised she actually took some advice I gave her and started a blog to help deal with the stress?  Not sure…but I think it is good she is using some medium to get stuff out of her head….

She called the immigration department in South Africa and the lady rang back advising she was going home sick.  The lady then called back the next day and advised – she should be making a decision in about 2 weeks.  This is good news if nothing else any decision is better than no contact what so ever – mum might actually be able to start making plans….fingers are tightly crossed anyway 😀

Had a very dull weekend to be honest, hubby was on call and he spent most of the time on the phone to an international company (on hold) trying to get some issues resolved…so I couldn’t make all that much noise so I was mainly sitting on Deviantart and WoW.  I did a fair bit of cleaning in between his phone calls and we watched a fair bit of Buffy since he couldn’t leave the house.

It also bucketed down rain all weekend, so much rain, that I walked from the side door to the car – maybe 2 metres and it looked like I had jumped into the shower fully clothed…so I ended up not going anywhere either 😀

I am feeling really depressed about being at work…this place is making me feel horrid…I am sending out my resume to agencies this week, fingers crossed I can find something – ANYTHING that pays roughly the same money.  I can resign anytime from now which is good, but I would like to find a job before the Xmas/new year hush that always occurs..I don’t want to be without work for very long, it would be perfect if I could find a job that doesn’t want me to start until Jan…HAHHA  yeah dream that would be 😀

Anyway I suppose I should do some work….


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