Didn’t get it :/

Well I didn’t get the role, although I knew that an hour before my actual discussion was meant to take place. The person who got it told a friend of mine and she told me…so much for her not telling people….

The feedback was that I didn’t have enough experience in presenting to groups…well I didn’t make that obvious enough in the interview…

So two weeks ago I was apparently, fabulous and only missed out by a narrow margin, and this time….you gave the job to someone who has multiple complaints against them, is known for being lazy and unapproachable and is considered by her manager to be too immature to even hold her current position…..but yes, lets give her a promotion…

If anyone else had gotten the position I would have been ok with missing out as I could see the benefit I am sure….but just not for the one who did get it…

Sounds like I am whinging doesn’t it?  Oh well…

On the flip side i spoke to my soon to be ex manager about my resignation date and what effect my two weeks of annual leave would have given I have to provide 4 weeks notice, but for the middle two weeks I am on AL.  he advised I need to be prepared for them to tell me not to come back to the office after my initial week, they may just pay me out for the other 3 weeks….I am prepared and willing for that to be the case.

The date is set at the moment to the 25th November…..should everything fall into place and they not change the dates of our end of year payments and we don’t get told we have to re-apply (that is still in question) I am going to hand it in.

I waited for my Long Service Leave and I waited for my bonus.  I am done.


One thought on “Didn’t get it :/

  1. minxi says:

    You are doing the right thing and need to get out of that place as quickly as possible, by whatever means necessary.

    It’ll still feel emotional, it’ll still feel odd and no matter what feel, don’t ever second guess your decision. It’s the right one, hands down.

    I’m not sorry that you didn’t get this promotion, I think it’s much better that you leave. Now you can.


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