final scores, rocking the boat, wasting ur time and energy

What an eventful day, I have an appointment tomorrow morning for the job I applied for – to be told whether I got the job or not, I am leaning on the “not” side considering some information I have been gathering on the side.

I also had a catch up with my soon to be new manager who advised we are not going to have to re-apply – HOWEVER – that is based on how we integrate over the next few weeks.  If we don’t put in effort and help as much as possible there is a chance they will open up recruitment to get people into the roles who do want to be there….whether that is true or not and they are just using that as an excuse for the next few weeks to cover their butts whilst they organise the redeployment for us…I don’t know…but I am not holding my breathe for us keeping our jobs….So I took that to mean – don’t rock the boat or you are out….harsh?  maybe?

I also found out what my final score for my review was and I have to say I am a little pissed.  Not at my score neccessarily, although that is bad, i am more angry that in my final review I asked my team leader to change some ratings and update some info….I had though the 5 changes would have bumped my score up…I highly doubt whether anything changed though, as I never heard from him again after that discussion.  So not only am I working my arse off providing great service and ensuring I get through as much as possible, I am no better than someone who comes in, causes drama, makes errors and is generally not giving a crap about their jobs.  What is funnier is that this year I would have actually been in the upper brackets had they not changed the system on us….had they gone of my actual performance….

So, back to being in limbo land….do I hang around and see if they offer us re-application – at least for a month or so, or do I just bite the bullet, tell them to get fucked and walk out with my bonus and long service leave….

Is my sanity and self worth more than the money I will get from possibly getting asked to reapply in the next few months?

I will think about it tonight, I have to hang around until at least 24th November (the date our bonus gets paid) so if I resign at that point I will have 4 weeks to find a job – ANY job to get me through…..


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