What a weekend

It has been a busy few weeks and I have not had a chance to update much.

Being a closet pies fan, I was sort of happy with the pies winning this weekend, won’t go so far as to say I was excited etc, but it was nice 😀  I am not a fan of the AFL but for as long as I can remember I have followed the pies, I used to be into footy when I was younger, even used to go to the matches a fair bit, but then I guess I just got over the sport 🙂  Not sure why, but it just didn’t hold interest for me.

NRL on the other hand, is my favourite sport.  The game is just awesome, and even more awesome than the dragons won this weekend as well!!  GO DRAGONS!!!  Hubby and I barracked for the dragons when we lived in Sydney and when we moved back to Melbourne and found barely any NRL coverage we changed to Storm in the hopes we could at least get some involvement, but once the cheating came out earlier this year, we decided to once again return to the dragons.  So this year was a good year for switching teams and a nice boost to our hopes in NRL.

It was a fantastic match and my throat is killing me from the screaming I was doing at the TV last night.

Onto other things – Work has been busy as it was our end of business year, which just makes things like hell on earth.  Today is a public holiday in NSW/SA which is where a fair percentage of the people I look after are based in, so I should be having a fairly quite day if I am lucky 😀

I am hanging out until November as that is when our end of year bonus gets paid, and since I did relatively well this year with regards to my performance I am hoping for a nice one.  We will have a better idea at the end of October as to what the figure will be.

I am hanging for the bonus as it will be paying for my cert IV in small business management that I have earmarked to start at the end of this year.  Should only take me 12 months to complete and then I can move onto a diploma or degree or something.  I am toying with the idea of starting a business up – but need to do some research and data collection – so this course will help me prepare all that.  Not sure if my idea is viable or indeed even wanted in the market, if not at least I will have a cert to take to job hunting with; failing all else 😀

Mum still hasn’t heard anything about her spouse visa, we have just entered into the 3rd month, so fingers crossed we hear something positive soon!  She is getting far too stressed and her health has been deteriorating with all the worry.

My shoulders have healed up finally – so will pull the skipping rope out tonight, pad my shoulders and try and go for 10 minutes – even if it is in small bursts….am thinking about going for a walk as well tonight, might try and do 4 kms if I can find a suitable path around the area that isn’t all hills – I am not fit enough to tackle hills but I can do a flat walk…..should only take an hour or so.

I really want to lose weight – and I am mostly motivated to do so, I think once I start getting into a routine that will help immensely 😀 I WANT TO GO OVERSEAS!!!!!!!!

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