Feeling a little like the title today.  Can’t seem to get focused at work – my mind keeps wandering and I just feel tired….

You know the whole body tired when you just don’t want to get out of bed and face another day….that’s me right now…

I think my sports bra finally came in, so that is pretty cool, hubby is picking that up at the moment.  I am also looking at second hand treadmills to buy when I get my bonus…some on ebay/tradingpost are under $500 and that would suit me nicely…just have to find the right one 🙂

Didn’t get it :/

Well I didn’t get the role, although I knew that an hour before my actual discussion was meant to take place. The person who got it told a friend of mine and she told me…so much for her not telling people….

The feedback was that I didn’t have enough experience in presenting to groups…well I didn’t make that obvious enough in the interview…

So two weeks ago I was apparently, fabulous and only missed out by a narrow margin, and this time….you gave the job to someone who has multiple complaints against them, is known for being lazy and unapproachable and is considered by her manager to be too immature to even hold her current position…..but yes, lets give her a promotion…

If anyone else had gotten the position I would have been ok with missing out as I could see the benefit I am sure….but just not for the one who did get it…

Sounds like I am whinging doesn’t it?  Oh well…

On the flip side i spoke to my soon to be ex manager about my resignation date and what effect my two weeks of annual leave would have given I have to provide 4 weeks notice, but for the middle two weeks I am on AL.  he advised I need to be prepared for them to tell me not to come back to the office after my initial week, they may just pay me out for the other 3 weeks….I am prepared and willing for that to be the case.

The date is set at the moment to the 25th November…..should everything fall into place and they not change the dates of our end of year payments and we don’t get told we have to re-apply (that is still in question) I am going to hand it in.

I waited for my Long Service Leave and I waited for my bonus.  I am done.

final scores, rocking the boat, wasting ur time and energy

What an eventful day, I have an appointment tomorrow morning for the job I applied for – to be told whether I got the job or not, I am leaning on the “not” side considering some information I have been gathering on the side.

I also had a catch up with my soon to be new manager who advised we are not going to have to re-apply – HOWEVER – that is based on how we integrate over the next few weeks.  If we don’t put in effort and help as much as possible there is a chance they will open up recruitment to get people into the roles who do want to be there….whether that is true or not and they are just using that as an excuse for the next few weeks to cover their butts whilst they organise the redeployment for us…I don’t know…but I am not holding my breathe for us keeping our jobs….So I took that to mean – don’t rock the boat or you are out….harsh?  maybe?

I also found out what my final score for my review was and I have to say I am a little pissed.  Not at my score neccessarily, although that is bad, i am more angry that in my final review I asked my team leader to change some ratings and update some info….I had though the 5 changes would have bumped my score up…I highly doubt whether anything changed though, as I never heard from him again after that discussion.  So not only am I working my arse off providing great service and ensuring I get through as much as possible, I am no better than someone who comes in, causes drama, makes errors and is generally not giving a crap about their jobs.  What is funnier is that this year I would have actually been in the upper brackets had they not changed the system on us….had they gone of my actual performance….

So, back to being in limbo land….do I hang around and see if they offer us re-application – at least for a month or so, or do I just bite the bullet, tell them to get fucked and walk out with my bonus and long service leave….

Is my sanity and self worth more than the money I will get from possibly getting asked to reapply in the next few months?

I will think about it tonight, I have to hang around until at least 24th November (the date our bonus gets paid) so if I resign at that point I will have 4 weeks to find a job – ANY job to get me through…..

Teens and driving

This article really got to me this morning :

I just cannot understand why this is still even occuring.  A teenager was picked up this morning doing 159kms in an 80 zone..he had only had his license for 4 months.

I am just so sad that teens are still going out there and driving like maniacs….remember a while ago now the massive accident that killed 5 teens or so in the one car?  It was huge and there was a massive public outcry…what happened?

I was never a speeder or hooner.  I got into my car, drove the speed limits, was always very careful…to this day – since having my license since I was 18, I have been in one accident (someone rammed into the rear of my car) and I have never had a speeding ticket.  Yet most of my 18 year old friends have experienced both, one friend I recall on a drive from melbourne to sydney got two speeding fines within the space of 15 minutes.

There was one night with some mates I was driving a little recklessly through the back streets of sydney suburbs, things could have gone very badly then should another car have been around.  I am still guilty about that night and the danger I put my friends in.  I never drove like that again.

Why don’t we do something about it?  TV ads don’t work, teens dying on the roads don’t work, zero level alcohol isn’t working.  All the solutions I can come up with involve money which people (read government) would not want to spend.  For example:

– Limit cars to being able to go faster than 100kms for P platers.  If a P Plater buys a car – speed modifiers are added automatically and consequences can be enacted for people who disable it and are caught.

– Calder park has drag nights and off road racing…but you have to pay $65 bucks to enter your car….this should be free (government subsidised) if they want to get the hoons somewhere to do their stuff in a “safer” environment. I wouldn’t pay 65 to go drag racing if I can do it for free in my neighbourhood and I am not even a P Plater anymore.

– Breathalyzers should be added to cars before they can be started up, especially for P platers.

– Education for P platers – like the article above, get people (criminals) to visit schools and talk to the year 11/12 students about the dangers of driving, make it more personal to them rather than just some ad on tv that they cannot relate to.  Let them see the effect of going to jail for driving like fuckwits.

There is obviously no clear cut solution as teens will always act like they do, but I just wish there was some way to make them understand that not only is it dangerous for them, but it is dangerous for others that get involved as well..

It just makes me so sad, I felt i had to write about it….


This is why eavesdropping is bad!!

I am, and my 3 peers, are going to be asked to re-apply for our jobs.

This fills me with excitement and dread at the same time.

We have not been officially told – refer to eavesdropping- and we are not sure when we will be told either. Maybe next week as you can’t give bad news on a Friday right, and I doubt they will tell us today….

So it looks like my plans to resign are now on hold. I am glad I stuck around a little longer than expected as this was my main concern with leaving after my 10 years service date.

Fingers crossed they don’t change their minds 🙂

Time for an update

It has been a while since I posted, in all honesty I just haven’t felt like writing.  I am annoyed with too many things that if I think of writing about them I get all angry and it will be a bad post 😀

I am still annoyed about a lot of things, but honestly they are just not worth my effort…

On a brighter side, I don’t have to have second interview for the L and D role I applied for – again….interviews are happening next week though, so I will hear something the week after I am guessing.

Our bonus’ from work are supposed to be paid at the end of November, so I am planning to tell them to shove it just before that happens to I can get it paid.  If I leave here before then I don’t get my bonus, and yes I know it may only be a small amount, it is still money for free so to speak.

I am going to have to work hard at finding a job once we are closer to that date.  But I don’t want to think of it just now!

I am going to buy a second hand treadmill as well, I have given myself 12 months to lose as much weight as possible.  My plan is to do 30 minutes of treaddie a night at bare minimum.  If I can do more than 30 mins I will.  Essentially, if we are watching TV – I am walking – that is my plan.  Before I jump onto the computer I do at least 30 minutes.

I have been going nuts with the photography, poor hubby hasn’t had a chance to use his camera very much – i keep stealing it….but I am really enjoying it.  Have been throwing the ones I think are good up on deviantart and getting slow but steady feedback about some of the shots…I am nowhere near as good as my friends or the people on deviantart – but we all started somewhere no?


In wodonga

So had to come to wodonga this weekend for a few different things, hubby wanted to go to lodge for an old friend of his taking the chair again, we had to look after his mother and the local LAN -AWL-which his best mate runs was having a farewell gathering as the hall they currently meet in, is being demolished….

Anyway, Friday night was ok, I had dinner with mum whilst hubby was out. We also went for a drive to beechworth and the Hume weir, which is at 82% capacity now – last year was below 20%….awesome news if you ask me!!!

I have Monday off, to recover which is great as I am sooo exhausted, there is no way I could do a full day on Monday!!

Hoping on Tuesday I am advised that I don’t need an interview!!!!