First night of serious skipping tonight, did about 6 minutes in total in 1 minute bursts…probably not even one minute to be honest.

My bra has cut through my shoulder, my calves are killing me but all in all I am feeling pretty upbeat.  Second night in a row of some serious exercise.

On the downside we were going to go for a walk, but my wound on my back, although completely healed this morning has burst and is leaking pus and blood again, so no walkies for me tonight, I may go tomorrow though depending on the pain factor.

Hubby and I still may do some karate later however he is wheezing like a maniac and I am having a breathing and shoulder problem, so we may wait an hour or so and see how we are feeling then.

We just need to keep the momentum going now for skipping and karate and results will be soon in a few months time – so I hope 😀


4 thoughts on “Skipping

  1. minxi says:

    geez woman – TWO bras – do you hear me? And something soft under your bra straps, even some extra material to soften the impact. When I try (notice *try*) to jog, I wear a normal sports bra that I’d wear for kickboxing and then an extra strength Enell bra over the top of that. I really do recommend an Enell bra for you – they are pricey, but oh so fucking worth it. NOTHING moves when you wear one (even less if you wear a sports bra underneath as well – it feels like you can’t breathe mind you, but at least you won’t be strangled by errant breasts…

    Good luck with the karate – you’re inspiring me to get back to kickboxing!

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah the shit of it is I was wearing two bras!!!

      I have not heard of enell, I will look them up today though as I definately need something to restrain the puppies!! 😀

      I will definately put some extra padding under the straps tonight though, it was very very unpleasant!!

  2. minxi says:

    Then you’re def wearing the wrong bras. Try for an awesome business that you can order Enell (and any other larger cup sized bras) and they’ll send it to you. They are very good with their size guides and will exchange if what you order doesn’t fit.

    I bought my first ever bikini from them last year and the Enell. Yes, they’re exxy, but worth it, SOOOO worth it.

    The appalling thing is I’m now a G cup and if I don’t shift and lose some weight soon, I’m only going to get larger in the cup sizes and that means more back/neck/shoulder pain for me.

    If that’s not motivation for me to get moving, I don’t know what it.

    • dragonray says:

      I know I am wearing the wrong bras, but I just can never seem to find any that fit – I am not all that keen on buying online so I spend hours trolling stores and getting annoyed 😦 Maybe I should just give in to the online craze hey?

      I’ll check out bellaform when i get home since I can’t load the pages at work due to “provocative attire” hehehe.

      I don’t really mind how they look, I just want ones that hold the puppies up somewhat and that don’t let them sag to my knees 🙂 heeh or give me black eyes when I am skipping 😀 heheeh

      G cup!! I am think I am still an F, but I feel for you, are you considering having them reduced at all? When you were losing weight did you lose any from them?

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