First night of serious skipping tonight, did about 6 minutes in total in 1 minute bursts…probably not even one minute to be honest.

My bra has cut through my shoulder, my calves are killing me but all in all I am feeling pretty upbeat.  Second night in a row of some serious exercise.

On the downside we were going to go for a walk, but my wound on my back, although completely healed this morning has burst and is leaking pus and blood again, so no walkies for me tonight, I may go tomorrow though depending on the pain factor.

Hubby and I still may do some karate later however he is wheezing like a maniac and I am having a breathing and shoulder problem, so we may wait an hour or so and see how we are feeling then.

We just need to keep the momentum going now for skipping and karate and results will be soon in a few months time – so I hope 😀

When it rains it pours – more job stuff

I have two interviews coming up, one is tomorrow at 11.30am and the other one is on Monday at 11.00am.

The interview tomorrow is for a training role at my current employer, it would potentially be a massive pay rise and is in an aspect of my current position which I really enjoy – being training new people.  It would probably involve doing my cert in workplace assessment (bonus) and hopefully ( I am not 100% sure) it is in my current department – so I know all the products I would be potentially training.

I have wanted to get into training for a few years now, and it has always been my back up plan if everything else fails, so I apply for the positions whenever they come up – they are not very often.

The second position is for a trainee claims assessor – which if I want to get into life underwriting is a good place to start – a lot of trainee underwriters come from a claims background.  The only issue with this position is I am basically being given grace for the interview. The manager wants to put me into a claims admin position with a view to moving into claims in 18 months.  I am nervous of ANY company that says you can move into other positions in whatever time period…only because in 10 years at the same company I have never moved up – only sideways and I am a little gun shy with false promises.

My recruitment person has told me that I just need to wow the manager in the interview and prove that there isn’t a gap in my knowledge or skills that I couldn’t just move into an assessor role.

The upside to this role is that it sets me onto my career path for underwriting – and heck I may even enjoy claims enough to stay there for the forseeable future.  The downside is I may not be eligible for a payrise as an admin, and I will miss out on my bonus this year if I leave now.

So tough decisions to be made 🙂