Back dated post 🙂

Hubby and I did our first night of karate last night.  Yes I suck, but hubby was very patient with me and I tried my hardest to do everything he was saying.

We did about 30 minutes, not very high cardio or anything but I was still puffed at the end and my muscles had that unfamiliar twinge in them of being used 🙂

He is teaching me stances/punches and blocks at the moment.

So, first night on the road to weight loss!


2 thoughts on “Karate

  1. Sian says:

    Great effort! 30 minutes of exercise is a bloody good start – tell me how you pull up tomorrow tho. (And 6 min of skipping? geez, high intensity!)

    • dragonray says:

      I am actually ok this morning, my legs are a little sore from the skipping – and my feet, but overall I dont’ feel all that bad…

      Going out to dinner tonight, so depending on when we get home, I might do some more skipping as it is quick and high intensity 🙂

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