I may look dumb….

I may be fat, and have unruly hair and be unfit, but don’t assume because of that I am dumb….

I am angry -yes I probably need to let my ego go, but well I am not going to, so perhaps I actually an dumb….

Paradox much? This is ruining my rant however, so back on track!!!

I got a phone call from the job offer today, if you can believe this they thought the salary we we’re talking was package and not base.

I am 99% sure I said to them it was my base… I do remember that happening…..I could be imagining it though, they thought this would be a payrise for me?!!?!??? Fucking laughable!

I do not want to work for this place when my salary is such a hard thing to get straight! I will stay with the c***s I work with now thanks!


2 thoughts on “I may look dumb….

  1. Kay Anne says:

    Fuckers! 😦

  2. minxi says:

    How on earth could they get it *so* wrong?

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