Quick update then I have to do the dishes!!

Just wne I thought it couldn’t get any more fucked up, I got a phone call today from the people that have offered me a job advising they want to offer me the job…yeah i know makes no sense to me either. However their recruitment department told me what the base salary they were offering and it was 2.5k less than what they were originally offering, meaning – they will be paying me the same as what I am on now….

I told the fellow this and he said he would call be back, that was at 11.15 and I am still waiting to hear.  I am pretty sure I am going to tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  No job offer is worth this kind of crud – I would much rather stay with the wankers I am currently with than move when on the 4 times I have spoken to them they have only given me the same salary figure twice…yeah I know it is only 50% fuck up, but that is about 49% more fuck up then I like in a prospective employer…especially when I will be taking a step back, earning the same money AND having no chance of advancement…..

Speaking of the devil they just rang to tell me they will call be back tomorrow as they are all going into meetings….

Anyway on from that – I have a job interview tomorrow morning as a recruitment consultant for the insurance/super industry.  I applied for the job as a laugh not expecting anything to come from it and 2 hours later the phone was ringing.  I am not sure about all the details as yet, but it sounds like it is already paying 10k more than what I am on AND you get comissions based on how many people you place.  So the earning potential is really high if you can get people into the right jobs.  I have been saying I want to get out of this industry and let’s face it doing recruitment would get me out BUT still utilizing the experience I have built up over the years.  So  it is a win win if you ask me.

Some of the girls at work can see me doing a recruitment job really easily, they reckon I am able to listen to what people want and I can read people really well on first meetings, they also know I am insane about having things organized and follow up etc….so from that point of view it would be easy…..so I ask you – can you see me doing it?  It would be a very steep learning curve being on the other side of the job fence, but I am pretty confident I can do it.

Anyway, enough about work.  It’s my day of and I need to get my skirt finished AND the dishes done before hubby gets home or he will yell at me :d eheheh

3 thoughts on “Quick update then I have to do the dishes!!

  1. Kay Anne says:

    I could see you in recruitment. I think you’d do a fine job.

  2. Sian says:

    You have a good enough BS detector to do recruitment I think. (Distinguish between “I have done this” and “I have done something kind of not very much like this that I will pretend is the same thing”)

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