Beyond a joke now…

It just gets better.

On top of the crappy meeting with the state manager which I didn’t go into much detail about on here, another kick in the guts today.

So for more detail yesterday, we got told that we should “let go of our egos” that once we merge with this new company (and therefore team) we will no longer be considered SME’s as we will not know anything.  I understand the system will be new and the product is changing to fit both comanies, but are you telling my 10 years experience dealing with advisers and with new business and our company means nothing in a month?  Fuck you i don’t think so!!!

We also got told we are not changing our titles at the moment as they don’t want to “taint” the name….yup they said that!!  We do “great work” but we don’t have the same tools to provide the service that accompanies the name.  Ordinarily I would understand what they are trying to say, but saying it that way was a real kick to the proverbials.

So i was feeling like shite yesterday because of this, and was not really keen on coming in today to be honest as it is depressing to know that we are basically worth nothing.  Which explains why they wouldn’t meet a 5k pay rise to keep me, because in a months time they are WANTING people to just resign…..

Today I get an email about the next thing which has just made me feel like a useless piece of shit.

I applied for a role a few months ago, incidentally the same one I apply for every time they come up and keep getting told I will get it this time.  However I missed out and was advised there was a second job coming up in October and because my interview was so strong I had a good chance….AGAIN!!

We all just found out that the person who got the role was the one person who FAILED their interview.  I mean they went in sweating and shaking and looking like they had been dragged through god knows what – they were freaking out.  She came out syaing she didn’t answer the questions etc and when she got the feedback she told us all the feedback was that she needed to practice her interviews skills and that she did not do well.  She got the job today……

You know what annoys me the most….if you are not best mates with people you can’t get anywhere in this fucking place.  everyone who has gotten jobs recently have had their team leaders or someone in the team they are going into put up massive fights for them.  I am not the type to suck up to people just for a job, I am a believer that you should get the job based on your merits and how you handle yourself in interviews (therefore under pressure) and NOT based on how much hypothetical cock or pussy you suck on…

Can you tell I am annoyed today?  yes I am very much annoyed and I really am tempted to take this new job offer – if they ever actually send me the job offer that is….Just to get out of here…

I am chatting to a recruitment agency that seem really good, in the hopes they can put me forward for a trainee claims assessor role (they currently have 2 being advertised) so I will wait and see about that as well.

Too many emotions racing through my mind at the moment to even focus on whatever it is I am supposed to be doing right now…


4 thoughts on “Beyond a joke now…

  1. Minxee says:

    Chase up the offer and take it and leave. Immediately if not sooner.

  2. Sian says:

    Thought you’d be good at suc….never mind. : P (I agree – be nice for hiring to be done entirely on merit rather than on a pre-established order of preference/precedence).

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