Let my manager know

So I told my current manager about my potential new job, as I believe it is only fair to notify him this is on the table, and he was pretty happy for me, I haven’t been offered the job yet obviously, but meeting the team etc sounds pretty much like a shoe in…

In the end I asked if they would match the salary and asked him to speak to our GM, I looked him straight in the eye and said “I know we match salaries if they want to keep people, I may not be an underwriter, but I am your most experienced, and I am only asking for 5k, not 20k or 30k like some people have”  He advised that in our october reviews he was going to ask for us to have a payrise to 52k…thats it…

So I am currently torn. I know that waiting for Oct is stupid now as that payrise is not worth waiting for, the only thing still on the table which may come into play is being made redundant…which may not happen until April/May and in fact it may not happen at all, we are just guessing based on words that have been said.

I am starting a small business management course next month, which should only take me a year to complete, so that will improve my job prospects, but not sure if I should stay at my current employer whilst I do that…..


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