new job….so confused?

So I met with the team leader today to dicuss the role and I am so torn between just taking it or hanging around here?

The basic gist is:

– they will be paying 5k more (which is nothing overly exciting, however it is more than what I will be earning at my current employer for at least another 3 years in my current position)

– they are also coming to an agreement with regards to my hours – normal working hours are 8am until 5pm…due to my vline trains I can’t get to work at’s either 7.30 or 8.30am…I also want to leave work at 4.30ish to catch my 5.00pm train home – they have said that once I am trained enough to be able to come in that early they will just advise everyone I have to leave early due to my train. *this is a massive bonus

– they are a small branch of a major company which means small team with chances for advancement and movement is lower than where I am, however in my current area I can’t go anywhere anyway.

– they are currently going through massive growth and have just recruited 4 people who have no idea about the industry at all, whereas I have been in the industry 10 years so i know more about it and its current situation

So basically I have to decide if I want to start all over again at this point in time.

I am torn as to what I want to do….I am tempted to hang around and see if I get made redundant, but what if an opportunity like this never comes up again, or what if I can get a better opportunity that is a step up rather than a step back?

After my interview with them they want me to come back in and meet a few people from the team and see how we get along etc, so I am pretty sure they will be offering me the job.

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