An update of sorts

Yes I have been offline the last few weeks with so much going on at work and home I have barely had a chance to even breathe.

Here goes:

Work –

I have been applying for other jobs, my countdown is 18 days before I can resign (including weekends) so I am excite that is finally getting closer to single digits.  I have applied for a trainee underwriter job at another institute and am waiting to hear when my interview is sheceduled for – fingers crossed I do well with that.  I hate my current employer more every single day, and in fact another thing happened today that just made me hate the place even more…its a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but it has really hurt me…I have been doing this job for over 5 years and other people in my team (that have been doing it for less than 2 years) are being asked their opinions on what kind of job description we need to have, so they are all referencing me in their meetings, as in the kind of person, yet I am not good enough to discuss it with…FUCK THEM!!!!  That’s all I can say, I am upset…really upset…just another way to make me feel like shite.

Home –

Have been a cleaning junkie…I just spend time every day cleaning so on the weekends I just have to do a couple loads of washing., it is a nice change to spending all of saturday/sunday cleaning and then not having a break of my own.

We have had some friends round and I am cooking heaps of stuff, I am loving all the cooking.  I made another black forest cake on Saturday and it was yummy (of course) I also made some french chicen dish with mushies, wine and cream, was rather nice as well, easy to make as well, so will have that again I am sure 😀

General –

I have watched so many movies lately my head might explode:

Zombieland – Funny as all hell

Fanboys – Funny as well from a star wars lover 😀

Prince caspian – not as good as narnia, but still enjoyable – was almost too similar in some ways.

Finding Neverland – was beautiful, bawled my eyes out, but a lovely movie.

Daybreakers – Awesome movie – set up for a sequel I think 😀

Toy story 3 – so depressing I can’t fucntion when I think about it

Eclispse – Very enjoyable, not as good as I remember the book but it was a nice instalment.

Adventureland – yeah, not my thing to be honest

The Nobel Son – yeah I think I missed the point – had such a promising line up of people

I am sure there are another couple in there, but I can’t remember them at the moment…all in all a good mix to be honest.

So I am going to head off now and attempt to do some more work, with how annoyed I am it probably won’t be much of an effort but no harm in attempting to try right?

One thought on “An update of sorts

  1. Minxee says:

    Interested to hear how the job hunt is going 🙂

    Best of luck with it all!

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