day 3 without hubby

Co-dependant, yup…I am…I can admit it 😀

I have tried to do some cleaning tonight, but well, I kind of failed…sort of…I did nowhere near as much as I had hoped, however I did do the shopping for the fortnight and came in under budget so far.

I am meeting up with a good friend tomorrow evening at about 5.30, so depending on how long we hang out I may be home in time to do the mopping/vacuuming as planned.  Even if I am not I may just have to bite the bullet and do it…

Friday night I have my good friends coming over for dinner/drinkies, hence why i want to have mostly everything cleaned, and yes I could be cleaning instead of updating my blog but surely I can have a few minutes rest before I do the dishes and start Mr sheening quickly before bed?

Today at work I realised that some people are just incapable of coming up with realistic methods of handling problems…creating groups within a team to allocate work and function as mini teams is not what I would consider a good move especially considering there are people already employed with that as part of their job description AND who get paid 10k more to do said job….meh whatever…33 days to go….that’s all I need to keep thinking 😀

I am feeling a little depressed tonight to be really honest, I do tend to do that when left to my own devices for a couple of days…I guess I don’t have enough things to distract me from it….

I have done no exercise at all this week, I have just been too tired….

speaking of tired, I may head to bed soon.  Am guessing hubby is still with friends otherwise I would have heard from him. I am driving into the city tomorrow as well so I might have a slight sleep in and leave here at 6.15am, which means I should – in theory – get to work by 7.15am barring traffic issues, I will wait up until 11 though just in case 😀