home on the range

Day 2 of hubby being in Sydney and I am over it already….I am bored, soooo bored..

I also had an ADO today which doesn’t help the boredom as I have been home alone all day doing pretty much SFA.  I baked muffins ( I will update my cooking blog with piccies soon – maybe tomorrow to be honest)  and I did a little cleaning up as I have some friends coming over on Friday night and I am not really going to get much of a chance to tidy up everything I want before they get here on friday evening.

I am finding my anxiety is slightly higher today, and can feel my heart beating really fast in my chest….has been like this all day, am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to jump and scream at any second.  I am trying to keep myself calm, but sometimes it is just a little difficult.  I have been handling my PTSD really well the last few months, I have managed to get a focus point happening and so it is not overly intruding in my life, but when hubby is not around I find it really hard.  Catching the train tomorrow is going to be very difficult and indeed the thought has me almost in tears.  I will have one of my best friends there though, so am considering catching the earlier train home in the afternoon as well (my best friend will be on that one as well).  Might be the safest thing to do as our train gets awfully full and there is generally people standing up.

I found an iphone app that counts down as well, so i plugged in my resignation date and i can track it in seconds/minutes/days/hours etc…lol awesome fun 🙂

Really finding it hard to decide what I want to do in a months time….but in the end I think I will just look for work near here and do uni/tafe at night time…I am not too keen on losing too much money to be honest….not when we have just started getting back on track….I will do more thinking about that 😀