passed over again

Yeah I should be used to it I suppose, but I didn’t get the job.

So back to the drawing board, apparently my feedback was that I did really well, great interview, strong answers and would have been excellent choice, however the person who got it had stronger answers to the questions.

Part of life to be honest, I actually thought I was going to be given the job the way she was spooling me up…

I am devastated to say the least.

My count down is at 36 days now, so in about 2 more weeks I will start looking for work more seriously with the intent to resign on the 9th August.  I don’t want to start looking too early as I don’t want to lose my LSL payout.  So anytime after the 9th August will ensure I get paid out that money as my seperation date from the company will be after my long service leave has been allocated to me.

I was hoping that if I got this job it would spark my interest in this place again, but to not get it again has just really made me depressed.  It is the 4th time I have applied for it and even though I trained the last one, I am still not good enough…

I just have no words to say really…it is just deflated me so much.