just when you start climbing out

what a fucked night!! hubby and I had stupidly thought this would be the last fortnight with extra bills to be paid, weren’t we wrong!

we parked in a spot in the city and as I parked I was calls over to the parking inspector vehicle which was now behind us….turns out they were not parking inspectors, they were sherriffs! I have 2148 dollars of warrants outstanding under my married name and unless I could pay it they were going to clamp the car and hubby and I were going to have to catch the train home and have no way of getting From the station to our actual house….to say I was highly shocked and freaked out doesn’t really cover it.

after some discussion I managed to get them to put us on a payment plan but ONLY after we had paid half the bill. so hubby and I were stunned we actually don’t have anyone we CAN callin situations like that, so eventually hubby called his dad after I could not get hold of my mum and he paid 500, we then had to come up with another 500, so 4 days after pay day we are left with just over 230 and we need to buy our weekly tickets@ 69 a pop, and potentially food as I had not been grocery shopping yet.

so thanks to me not even knowing I had outstanding fines – I had thought I paid them all – these were parking fines for 08/09 as well, I was pretty close to calling a therapist as I was turning slightly suicidal.

those suicidal thoughts have eased off, hence why I am writing about it, but I just want it to stop. no matter how much I think we are getting on top of things it always fucks up!!!!

One thought on “just when you start climbing out

  1. Minxee says:

    oh darls, that seriously sucks. Sending you a txt.

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