Amatuer photography at its worst :)

So we bought a new digital camera, fancy SLR thing with all the bells and whistles…well maybe not all…that would have cost about 7k according to the the sales man 🙂 eheh

We went out the other weekend and took some great shots, however since my husband is a much more creative mind his photos are much better, so in an effort to look impressive here are my test shots….

Make sure to click on the images to bringup the full size piccies 🙂 ❤ thumbnails tbh


2 thoughts on “Amatuer photography at its worst :)

  1. Lovely! The first photo is my favorite ^.^ Those trees are so spindly and pretty!

    • dragonray says:

      yeah its a beautiful forest in regional Victoria 😀 It’s basically an old oak forest, which is such a beautiful spot.

      I like the last picture the most 🙂 heeh, but i like the one with the golden looking leaves as well…

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