Yeah I am falling behind in my blog, I am just so busy with so many other things I am having trouble keeping up 😀

D and I have found a local Aikido school, which trains on Tues/Thurs, so we will be starting that up possibly next week, we are just trying to source Gi and all the relevant bits and pieces.

I am probably going to die the first few weeks, but I am so very excited about it, I have been wanting to do Aikido for along time, the thought of being able to control the situation without the need for violence is very exciting 😀  I am sure you can figure out why if needed !

I am putting on more weight and I really need to get this under control.  D and I are going to (we have said it for the past week) going to go to the local footy oval a couple of nights a week and run it twice and walk it twice. Although it will probably alternate like, run half walk the next half,  run half , walk the next half…if that makes sense? I couldn’t run no matter how much you paid me, so we ened to start slow and build up.  We figure once we start learning Aikido we will be practising a fair bit as well, we are going to save up over the next few months and buy some practive mats and convert the garage on the weekends to the dojo.  So if we actually start all of that we may actually start losing weight.

3 poeple at work have resigned and another will be resigning this week, so they all left last week, which means we are down 3 processers, nevermind 2 of them are on leave at the moment, so we are really short.  The pump is on!!

I really need a massage I think. My shoulders are so tense and I am feel scrunched up…might look up some places in the local area and see if I can get my nails done at the same time!!