There are just no words….

AUSTRALIAN teenagers are becoming “text addicts” suffering a range of serious mental and physical disorders from depression to “repetitive thumb syndrome”.

A study into youth communication habits identified the risks teens face from texting excessively every day.

Anxiety, insecurity, depression and low self-esteem have been identified as symptoms common among text addicts.

Jennie Carroll, a technology researcher from RMIT University in Melbourne, has studied of the effects of modern communication since 2001 and said the mobile phone had become meshed into teenagers’ lives.

“Texting is quite tribal – it is just what teenagers do with phones,” she said.

Ms Carroll’s study identified four distinct disorders – textaphrenia, textiety, post-traumatic text disorder and binge texting.

Textaphrenia is thinking a message had arrived when it hadn’t, while textiety is the anxious feeling of not receiving or sending text messages.

just when you start climbing out

what a fucked night!! hubby and I had stupidly thought this would be the last fortnight with extra bills to be paid, weren’t we wrong!

we parked in a spot in the city and as I parked I was calls over to the parking inspector vehicle which was now behind us….turns out they were not parking inspectors, they were sherriffs! I have 2148 dollars of warrants outstanding under my married name and unless I could pay it they were going to clamp the car and hubby and I were going to have to catch the train home and have no way of getting From the station to our actual house….to say I was highly shocked and freaked out doesn’t really cover it.

after some discussion I managed to get them to put us on a payment plan but ONLY after we had paid half the bill. so hubby and I were stunned we actually don’t have anyone we CAN callin situations like that, so eventually hubby called his dad after I could not get hold of my mum and he paid 500, we then had to come up with another 500, so 4 days after pay day we are left with just over 230 and we need to buy our weekly tickets@ 69 a pop, and potentially food as I had not been grocery shopping yet.

so thanks to me not even knowing I had outstanding fines – I had thought I paid them all – these were parking fines for 08/09 as well, I was pretty close to calling a therapist as I was turning slightly suicidal.

those suicidal thoughts have eased off, hence why I am writing about it, but I just want it to stop. no matter how much I think we are getting on top of things it always fucks up!!!!

Eek…I think I am screwed :D

I was sitting on the train platform Friday afternoon, waiting to board my train home, and my phone rings with a blocked number, and like the rest of the population I wonder if I should answer it….turns out I am lucky I did.

I have a job interview on Monday for the job I wasn’t sure if I should apply for…it’s at 11am and I am a little freaked out to be honest as I was hoping to have time to prepare and get my thoughts together, but well, now I can’t…HAHHAAH

I applied for it at about 10am on Friday, then at about 11am, my boss pulls me into a room and says “Why didn’t you tell me you had applied?” and I said, I applied an hour ago, and if you had been at your desk since I would have told you, as a point to note I always tell you when I am applying for jobs so you know this is not the norm” he then said “Well she has called me about you already and asked some questions.”

Apparently, to cut a long story short, the team leader had a huge amount of applications to sift through and she was trying to cull the list by speaking to the managers of people early. My Manager apparently told her, that I have been wanting this position for a while AND that as I trained the current position holder I would be a very good candidate for the position. Which was very nice of him. I also spoke to one of the current people who has the team leader about the position, it is not in the team I like, I actually dislike them quite a bit, but if I consider it is a payrise and some super experience for other things, then I would do it 🙂

Potentially its a fair pay rise, as it is an entire group above me, so fingers crossed if I get it, D and I will both be earning more 😀

Anyway, so Monday I have to get to the new building, which I have no idea how to do….will probably catch the trams I am guessing since I am not catching a cab…but it will take me at least 40 minutes apparently, which means Monday is a complete write off time wise…..oh well….that’s their fault for interviewing people in different buildings.

I am hoping to go out this weekend and find a new shirt and perhaps a suit, but I don’t think that will happen considering how much weight I have put on…but we shall see…I might try and buy some new shoes as well, just some sort of heeled thing that i can put on for the interview maybe.

Confused, what to do!!!

Here is the situation, there i currently a job at work I am considering applying for, but the history is that I have been passed over everytime for someone else, which makes me not want to apply for it.

The only reason I am really thinking about it, is that I have less than 50 days left before long service leave and so I can apply and get rejected and still be in time to resign with no compromise to my LSL being paid to me. If, on the ridiculous change I get offered the role, I can hang out on a higher pay and have to deal with moving to St Kilda Road and adding an extra (approx) 80 minutes travel time to my already 2.5 hour travel time…

I spoke to one of the girls here, who has advised the new manager is trying to get the role changed and altered, which gives me hope that perhaps it is a good move as she is altering the role more inline with what I want to do in the role.

To be honest, I just don’t know if I can handle another rejection for an interview for this company considering so many other people will be applying for these jobs…but then hey its just a rejection no? It will just be another piece of evidence that this company hates me 😀

I have until COB today as the job application closes today… 😀