betrayal, stings like a – a wasp

I have been betrayed by people I have counted as friends before, I am sure every single person has, I think it is part of human nature…

However it has just happpened to me, again, friends names have been mentioned to me in relation to backstabbing me and saying bad things…I don’t believe all the names mentioned as I trust them to have been honest with me and actually my friends…and I do hope that my trust has not been broken.

I have my thoughts on who is starting this crap up and perpetuating it, but as I have no real evidence or even motive to back that up I am just keeping silent.  I am sad though as I have now stepped down from a role I enjoy in game…

On top of my current feelings and emotional sensitivity, this has been a big blow to my confidence, and feeling of self worth.

Yes I need to get outof my head (thanks for the advice!!), I am just not sure how to do that yet since I am still so caught up in this latest betrayal…A week should be all the recovery time I need, after that I will be able to get back into everything.

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