It’s actually only 54 working days

Yup, I just counted them on my diary, with a little countdown for my reference.  Just 54 days, that’s all I have to keep my cool for, but you know what just walking to the building this morning and I got angry and annoyed and wanted to committ murder, and that was before I had walked in.

Yes it is defiantely time to leave this place if that is how I feel just walking towards the building.  This place and the people and everything about it just make me hate everything…

Last night I was in tears at how worthless I feel and how worthless I have let this place make me feel – this is now moving into other areas of my life so that if someone makes an offhand comment I take offence because I see it as an attack at my worth.  Justitfied, perhaps, paranoid, maybe…who cares it is how I feel.

there are drums at work today – african or soemthing and they are fucking pissing me off!!!!! Time for headphones I think and perhaps some calming music to inspire me for the day….

Doubt that will happpen in this fucking shit hole of hell….

2 thoughts on “It’s actually only 54 working days

  1. Carl D'Agostino says:

    You can cope but if problem persisting and chronic cope debilitates. Can go postal but results in electric chair(“Old Sparky” in Florida). Suicide lets the other guy or the system win. So we can use alternative 4: Extract yourself from the hell hole. 54 more days sounds like a plan. And then look to the future without fear or trepidation relishing in the possibilities of a new world free of your present chains!

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