on the mend

Feeling much better today,  I didn’t wake up until 11.40am today, so even if i felt like going into work it was not going to happen, thank god I got a certificate until the 20th is all i can say.

I am feeling better, the phlegm has moved to my throat now so I am finding it hard to breathe from a chesty point of view as opposed to a nasal one 😀 eheh

D and i are going to doncaster on Saturday to get his phone fixed, fingers crossed it doesn’t cost us much (if anything), I have to find the papers to prove the warranty….hrmmm I wonder where they are….

Anyway we may stop past DFO to buy D some new jeans and sneakers….both he needs pretty badly 🙂  And we will probably by him some polo shirts etc..his new position means a more casual dress is ok….lucky bugger 🙂  So he gets some new clothes out of it i guess!  eheheh

Not much else has been going on in truth, I have been too sick to really think about much else….perhaps next week will be better!!  God I hope so!!


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