POsting this here as I cannot post it to my wow blog, so sorry for the seemingly randomness of this post.

Something was said to me tonight, which got me really annoyed, so annoyed in fact I nearly told everyone to go and shove it, instead poor spankypants copped it all. Which I feel awful about now as it was not his fault, but well he just happened to whisper me when I was away from my computer throwing a tanty. I know my guild is more than just one person, and I have a group of close friends in the guild, let’s say 5 people, who I would do anything for, and their opinion matters to me more than anyone else in the game, and indeed it has mattered to me since I met them all.

But when someone makes an offhand comment about how none of the work I have done as raid leader means anything, I get a little miffed. I guess i find it ironic as I was reading this post today, a fairly simple post about saying thank you to your raid leader. Anyway, I am annoyed that I even bother trying to make people happy and trying to make raids go ahead and trying to make them enjoyable…from now on I will just shut my fucking mouth, but you know what…I am so tempted to just pull out the nasty hat and say, well since I am not any good as raid leader – how about the new and improved guild leader and just start laying down the law and booting people when i don’t think they can play.

I am also annoyed with myself that I even got annoyed in the first place, I am sure it was just a comment and had nothing behind it…but I am really getting sick of people NOT thinking about the person behind the avatar…yes I do have feelings and yes I am a person….last time I checked I even had a pulse…. No doubt someone will take offence at this post, and you know what the state I am in now I don’t really care. But just a point to note a little bit of appreciation can go a long way to helping a guild leader feel valued and NOT like they are trying to keep a guild together for no reason. Yes it really is a thankless task and I am appalled that less than half a guild take the time to care and be involved and give a shit about the guild as a whole.

I have been raid leading, in this guild for 2 years, others have helped out and stepped up and we have always shared the job. but…tonight…..fuck them…fuck them all if they think they can treat me like this anymore…I am done.  I am sick of the fucking bullshite, sick of the drama, sick of being told I am shite and not as good as others and fuck them…..I am done.

on the mend

Feeling much better today,  I didn’t wake up until 11.40am today, so even if i felt like going into work it was not going to happen, thank god I got a certificate until the 20th is all i can say.

I am feeling better, the phlegm has moved to my throat now so I am finding it hard to breathe from a chesty point of view as opposed to a nasal one 😀 eheh

D and i are going to doncaster on Saturday to get his phone fixed, fingers crossed it doesn’t cost us much (if anything), I have to find the papers to prove the warranty….hrmmm I wonder where they are….

Anyway we may stop past DFO to buy D some new jeans and sneakers….both he needs pretty badly 🙂  And we will probably by him some polo shirts etc..his new position means a more casual dress is ok….lucky bugger 🙂  So he gets some new clothes out of it i guess!  eheheh

Not much else has been going on in truth, I have been too sick to really think about much else….perhaps next week will be better!!  God I hope so!!