84 Days to go…

So only 84 days until I can hand in my piece of paper, that includes weekends, so it is actually much lewss working days…either way, it is going to be the longest 84 days I have ever experienced in my life.

I am so over it.  I mean OVER IT!!  to the point where I hate society, people, mankind….I am so sick to death of bullshit excuses and liars and fucking idiots sucking up enough to be given better treatment than hardworking people who through no fault of their own are thrown to the side as though they are nothing.

Anyway suffice it to say, I have given up any hope of giving a shit.  I will just get through my next 84 days and do my bare minimum to not get fired.  I will start looking for jobs seriously in July.  Let’s face it…it is only 2 months away.

Yes I am being selfish and yes I am probably being very centric, but you know what…they can get fucked. I wasn’t even good enough for an interview, but the person in the team who has little appreciation for good customer service, who cannot spell or type has been given the position.  Which is great I am happy for her, what I am NOT happy about it that the delays and fucking around that occurred previously is what hindered my chances, nvm this person is bum chums with the interviewers etc…so I knew the moment I saw the job come up who would be given it, but it just fucking irritates me.

Why have I stayed here so long working towards a fucking goal that will never happen.  You know what is funnier…of all the jobs I have applied for at my work department – I have not had ONE interview for…I have been declined for them all….yet every single job I have applied for outside of my department I have been offered an interview for.  I have not taken any of the roles as I have bad timing, ie every time something in MY department comes up and I decline other roles for the chance.

Well fuck that….all it tells me is that people are discriminating against me and I wonder if  it was because I was “sick”.  I was off work for 8 months, almost 9, but I hardly think that is a fair judgement given it was 2 years ago and it was for legitimate reasons….and I only mention that coz my boss keeps mentioning my “past history”  you know comments like “you’re doing really well consdering your past history”  shit like that, which pisses me off as it means they (management) are still holding onto it.

My only solution therefore is to tell them to shove it up their collective arses and leave.

Yes I may be paranoid, but I feel I am allowed to be.