Week one

Have done the first week back at work, and my god it was painful.

We were in bed by about 9.30 every night as we needed to be up at 4.30 in the morning to catch the train :/  This week D is on 2pm to 10pm shifts so I will be catching the later train more than likely and then D will be driving to work each day.  Thank god for the second car is all I can say!!

I had my parents up tonight for dinner, and it was really nice, they love the house and think it is very us.  I have had many friends come over and all have said it is much more a house than our other place ever was, so I am guessing that is a good thing 😀  D and I do feel so much relaxed in this place and I don’t feel quite to anxious up here.

Nothing much else really going on, I have started to look for work in preparation for August/Sept as I don’t want to be out of work if I can help it, although the idea of having a few months off it very very appealing 🙂 heheh  My long service leave – once paid out would be at least 2 months salary, so I may take that time to look for work.

I have been swinging between wanting to start a career and wanting to start a family….OMG!!  Yes I said it – there!!  LOL  The family is still a while off, however I am leaning more towards that then a career which I will likely have to interrupt or even maybe stop if we do have children….

D just got a new job as well, he got promoted into a role has been interested in since last year.  It’s actually the same job he applied for when we were considering moving back to Sydney last year, they opened the role up in melbourne and he scored the promotion.  WOOT!!  No more shiftwork, no more crappy hours – he will be on call for periods, at this time it looks like 1 week in five or something, but it means we can actually organise things and have a life now 😀  Which we are both loving the idea of.  He starts in a couple of weeks!  It also includes, we think, he has not been told/confirmed yet, what the pay will be, but it is approx 15k more than what he is on at the moment 😀

This change in our situation is also one of the reasons children might be a possibility in the future. I could quite easily get a part time job in town it would bring in enough bacon potentially, but that is a long time off and we still have so much we need to get sorted out and paid off before we can seriously consider it.  I would like to have refinanced the house and combined the car loan into the mortgage etc so we only have one payment for the loans, makes it easier to organise things that way.

Anyway, what a fucking ramble I have had 🙂 heehhe  and I don’t think I have even said anything much!!

I can’t wait until we have settled into a routine at home, then I will find more time to post and write stuff down!

2 thoughts on “Week one

  1. minxee says:

    Surely I’m still not the only person reading your posts?
    4:30am – fuck!!! that’s bloody early. What time train do you actually get on? I’ve been looking up Kyneton, but not sure what train you’d be getting to get to work etc
    Children – really? *excited* We’re thinking kids as well, in the next 18-24mths.
    Congrats to D!
    Did I tell you that my job was confirmed? I didn’t get the promotions I was looking for and 2 of my workmates have been made redundant, another one found himself another job and I’m the only one left in the team. So, new people to work with now.
    One of my workmates is getting his payout (close to $40K+) and is walking into a very well paid job in 3 weeks time with one of our competitors. I sometimes think I’ve played this whole situation wrongly, (I could have done the same if not better than what he’s landed) but in all consciousness, I couldn’t walk into another company and then get up the duff in what could be 12mths time.
    I want stability, I want the maternity leave benefits and I want the 10yrs long service leave and I like my comfort zone to a point.

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah I think you are the only person I know who still uses LJ consistently ) eheheh
      Bendigo is the train line. My train was leaving at 4.15am in the morning, I may actually end up catching the later one at 5.56am 😀
      Yeah I was reading your posts about all the work stuff, congrats to you!! the 12 month thing is what i am concerned about with kids, but in all honesty I cannot in good conscience continue working for a place that has me in tears almost every night, I would rather forgoe that kind of stress and be on unpaid maternity leave 🙂 eheheh
      I only have to last another 84 days then i can resign!! Not that I am counting down or anything!

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