To pass into the summerlands

One of my oldest friends passed away on Friday.

I did not speak to him much in recent years and as usual I regret it now that my plans to visit with him this year will not happen.

I will miss you Hummy and your dirty mind and sexual innuendo, I will the times we spent chatting about Wicca, witchcraft and life.

I hope you are welcomed into the summerlands with the warmth and laughter you showed me, by naked sexy women of course 🙂

I love you Hummy and I will miss your humour. I am glad you are no longer sick!

With love and light

Your girl always

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Would you like to be bent over a barrell


We had a phone call this morning about our settlement.  The guys who bought our place, let’s call them "wankheads", were not going to be able to make settlement on our place.

Let me put this into perspective, we have a friend coming from interstate t help us move, we have ALL of our utilities set to be cancelled on Wed/Thursday this week, we are having a truck come this afternoon so that we could start packing AND we had made plans to buy a new car which we are supposed to pick up on Friday, and to top it of we spent much of our money on a deposit for the car, a modem for the new place (before they would send it out to us) and had bought a whole bunch of lean cuisines (which are not cheap) so we basically have no money.

We then had to spend all day waiting to find out if our conveyancer was able to get us into our new house as orignally organised on Thursday, and finally by 4pm we fond out we could.  However we are now being charged penalty rates because settlement has to be delayed for a week.  We are going to be passing that cost onto the wankheads, so we have to charge them penalty rates.

We now won’t get paid out until next Thursday, but we are able to move into the house we have not even paid for.  To top of that, Wankheads what access to our house on friday – BEFORE HEY HAVE EVEN SETTLED!!!!!!!!!! 

To say I am pissed probably dosnt even come close. had we any glass stuff unpacked it would have been broken early this morning,….I am still livid, even now that we can still move, I am annoyed that TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE SETTLEMENT THEY DECIDE TO TELL US!!!


So CLose

 I can’t wait for next week to be over then i can get back to my blogging and obsessions!!

This having to pack and clean and organise stuff is stuff annoying me since i cant update!!

I am finaly on holidays!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

We move house on Thursday – I am at home doing the last of the washing and getting our clothes/toiletries/misc living requirements packed away and leaving only bare essentials out.

D is on holidays this afternoon, so neither of us will need much more than a tshirt ot two and some pants left out, a hairbrush and our toothbrushes is all we need now 🙂

I am also waiting for the glazier to come out so I cna’t go to the shops or anything until he has been.

Hope everyone is well…chat later!