slowly getting there :D

 We started on the garage yesterday, and can I say EWW GROSS!!  Far too many spiders and bugs and shit in there :/  

Our garage was so bad, we actually couldn’t even walk into it for al the crap in there.  So we have started to neaten it al out and make little piles of bags and boxes.  It is much better this morning than what it was yesterday, however still a long way to go.

We are considering the idea that we may actually need to hire a SKIP as WELL as the truck that is coming next week to take all the "junk".  I am not 100% sure of what exactly they take, ie general household garbage makes up about 50% of the stuff they need to take.  if they can’t take it, a skip it will have to be.  Not money I wanted to spend, actually, not money we have available to spend, but we shall have to find a way I guess.

We have a month before the move and from next week everything will be a little easier to judge how much more we have to go.

Today we are going to move the "junk" to the front verandah – people can take it if they like, but we want it out of the house so we can see what we are left with. and obviously make it easier for the junk guys to get what they need done.

Not much else going on in the world, been so focused on getting the packing/cleaning done so have been refusing any outings or meet ups, I feel guilty if we are out that we are not doing our best to get everything done before the time it becomes urgent.

I am so going to need a holiday once we are finished moving!!  Which will probably be in September and will be a nice long relaxed 2 month holiday, well that’s what I am hoping, although I would like to keep my LSL for a trip overseas.  2 months isn’t a hugely long time I know, and D wouldn’t be able to get time off easily, but I would rather we go overseas for a month or more to really make the most of it…..if that makes sense?

Anyway I am off!! need coffee this early in the morning