Does it ever stop…

 OK, so I know I have ben neglecting you guys, I feel awful!

Hugs Amh…hope you gave the Dr a mouthful!!  and Minxee my love, hang in there babe! once it is all over you won’t be in pain anymore 😀

So onto other things, D and I have managed to pack over 25 boxes – I would say closer to 30 at the moment, and we have approx 15 large green rubbish bags to be thrown out.

We have not even actually finished one room entirely yet, but we are getting so much closer.  I will do some more today being that it is a public holiday and I am home.

We have packed away all the DVD"s, Books, CD’s, ornaments (bar about 3 of them), we have most of the plates/cups/glassware/crockery packed aside from 2 of each plate/glass/mug for our usage.  I have left a couple of cooking pots/pans out, but the rest is packed.

So basically we are slowly going through all the cupboards at the moment and emptying them out.  We did the first bedroom yesterday, and I think we kept like 8 things out of a cupboard that was completely full, so full in fact that we couldn’t actually close the doors on it :p

It has been a mammoth effort and on the 20th March we have junk removalists coming over to take it and all the old furniture away 😀  It will cost us a pretty penny, but it means we will only be left with stuff we actually want to move 😀

I have not been online at all, as we have just spent so much time cleaning and packing that time gets away from us, we get home pack a box or two, then I cook dinner then we pack maybe one more box then go to bed 🙂  So it is slow work, but I am glad we are doing it early and not leaving it until the last minute like we normally do 😀

We have not had a chance to do any sort of exercise, but I have promised myself that once we move houses I will do a lot more walking as I will potentially feel a lot safer in kyneton AND we will be close enough to the town centre that we CAN walk instead of taking the car 😀  So woot!  and the nearest maccas is in bendigo – so we won’t be able to just eat crap, it will have to be sorted out and it means we can eat better 😀

Anyway I better head off, I need to get some dog food for the bois, we ran out 😦

2 thoughts on “Does it ever stop…

  1. minxee says:

    yay for packing and yay for only taking what you want/need.
    I’m also looking forward to you posting about eating well and exercise – small chocies for each meal, but it all makes a difference.

  2. amhrantine says:

    Agh, sounds busy busy busy for you guys! At least you’re getting it all organized slowly 🙂

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