So much going on at the moment!

So here is a very brief update, I know the formatting will be screwed, and I do apologise. I am posting this from my email at work, because I finally have a spare second, well it isn’t really spare, I am just making it spare!!

We sold our house. Yes indeed! We sold for 450k, which is 200k more than what we bought our place for 5 years ago. We have bought a place in kyneton as well. The following link will not work for long I am guessing, but there it is! That is our new house 😀

We sold our house within a week of it being on the market and we bought at essentially the same time. Our settlement date is 22/04/10- which means for the next few months we will be packing, cleaning, throwing out stuff and getting organized for a new life in the country.

We didn’t need finance, aside from a deposit, which they are giving us a top up on our existing mortgage, then they will just reduce our overall mortgage and do a security substitution and voila! We are done. So we didn’t need to wait for a loan to be approved etc….

We drove up to Kyneton last night to sign the contracts on the new house, so we are just waiting for th deposit to come through and we will be done. We can just sit back and wait for settlement then and get everything organised!

That’s been what has been taking up all of our time as we have been house hunting and dealing with mortgage brokers and real esatate agents etc constantly for the last 3 weeks….I am really over it!! HAHAH BUt I am glad we are almost on the home stretch now.

Congratulations to us!! We have plenty of spare rooms as well, so people are more than welcome to come and stay!!