LOL forget my weekend

so in my last 5 page post, I forgot to talk about one of the best weekends I have had in a while.

We had a dinner party thing with some friends on saturday afternoon, and i got angry that I had one pair of shoes that were not comfortable…so D, the legend that he is, took me to DFO and I got a new pair of cherry 8up docs 😀 Am soooo happy!! YAY!

We then drove to our friends place, met some great people, and had a really good nght, eating, drinking and laughing 🙂 Didnt get home until about 1am..long drive home…was soo painful 😀 We met some of wiccan cousins from Canberra and compared stories, methods and ritual behaviours etc, which was a eye opener for how relaxed our line is compared to theirs.

Sunday we went to Ballarat, and instead of coming home at about 5/6pm, we ended up home at like 12pm. We had the best night, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Even today whilst on the train home tongiht, I was having to stop myself fro laughing at things that were said last night. I think our conversation went from Porn, to mens urinals, to scones, to freemasonry and vegetarians….it was so random and so much fun 😀

Anyway I am goign to shut up on LJ for a while : Dahhahaah

Questions about everything

I have lost a wek somewhere and I am no sure where, however i looked at the calender and realised that my lovely minxee was now turning older and having her nudie shoot 🙂 (Just read the post about that and REOW!!! I wanna see pics!! well the ones where you are covered please!! hehe )

I wish I was in Sydney so much when my friends have birthdays and I cna’t just drop round, catch up and give them a hug 🙂 So in typical belated mellie style…have a hug and a kiss on me Minxee…I love you sweety!

On the note of minxee her enthusiam for kick boxing has made me want that as well, so I am looking into belly dancing again, seriously, I want to find place as I know I will have the sense of enthusiam she has.

Onto enthusiasm, I have found a religious path that seems to pull at me, i feel such a connection with that, that I can’t stop thinking about it and so much that I am wanting to change my entire lifestyle to suit it. I have been reading about Druidry and confess I always thought it was a bit…vague…hrmm not the right word….but anyway, after reading some information and forums etc, I am having to admit that I am completely drawn in. So many things in the information are what I do now without thinking, that I feel it is a path I was destined to find….how cliqued!!! LOL

Which then leads onto the urge to sell up our home and make a new one on a couple of acres outside of melbourne. We have discussed doing it before, but with the above pulling on me and D being really supportive and wanting to move out as well, we seem to feel the time is now. I even went so far as to contact a real estate agent and he has advised properties in our neighbouring streets have been selling for almost 550k for a smaller block to developers. So considering our block is much larger potentially we could get more. I have to admit the money sounds nice, but the idea that we would be able to sell fairly easily to a developer is what is more appealing. He is coming around on Monday to have a look at our property and tell us what he thinks.

I have to tell you not, if we got that, or more, for our place, we would be basically be set up for the future and that would be put me in a great frame of mind, as we woudl not be struglgling financially, emotionally we would be not worried about money and letting that interfere with our relationship, we would feel more relaxed about our home life and happier not being in the city being bombarded with so much psychic energies etc. I would be able to have a vegetable patch, and a garden, I would be able to have a grove that is planted by me, D and I, or one at a time could go to Uni and get some sort of qualification, I could potentialy have a baby etc….All if we decide to sell and get a decent price for the place….it is very tempting 😀

why oh why

In so much pain the last couple of days I am beginning to get annoyed with everyone and everything. Sorry to gross out the masses, but I couldn’t even go the toilet last night to wee, it took me about 30 minutes, everytime I sat down to go, the pain was so bad I had to stand back up again, which then caused me more pain…

Anyway I have been taking my antibiotics and they don’t seem to be helping at all this week.

I think I really need a job where I am not sitting down all day as it does not help with the medical condition to be constantly sitting on the open wound and preventing the actual area from healing. Having said that i don’t think it is healing I think I need more surgery and I shoudl call the surgeon and book an appointment but I just can’t handle the though of another operation… 😦

I will call him this week and book an appointment.

I just wish they could fix the fistula and make it not be building up and leaking disgusting bodily fluids all day, every day….ARGHHHHH!

Are you all grossed out now?? eheheheh

Another day another dollar

Had a pretty good weekend, went out on Sunday to a BBQ for D and was quite enjoyable. I didn’t know anyone so I felt like a 3rd wheel, but made a freidn and we sat and chatted most of the afternoon. It was a nice afternoon out of the house.

Saturday, D went out with the boys and I stayed home and played WoW while drinking bottle of wine.

I have been playing WoW a little more lately, since I have some time on my hands…not sure where the time has come from, but I am not complaining. I have been managing to get out of work before 6pm and providing the trains don’t keep me waiting for 2 hours like the other night, I am getting home at a reasonable hour..and the phone has not run with fanmily members needing my help! Which is always good!

I have no walked this week as I forgot to take myanitbitoics and have been in severe pain. So I made sure to take them yeserday and need to keep on taking them so I can walk again this week.

I really want to take up belly dancing again as well, but finding a place to do it is the difficulty.

Nothing much has been going on, we have finally gotten out of our financial issues, we are essentially debt free aside from the mortgage and car. Any attempt at saving money was gone this fortnigth as we had to pay a fair amount of money to the vet to keept Narvi alive.

Her kittens are doing relaly well, they are starting to walk a little bit, we took them out of the bos last night and just let them walk around the lounge, they kind of stumbled a fair bit, but it was cute. They have also finally started feeding from the bottle, which is a good sign her milk is finally drying up. We need to feed them four times a day, so i think the poor little guys will be starving when we get home. Thankfully I am on holidays in 8 working days and so can be home to make sure they are getting feed as needed. Have to take her to vet this week, so have the stitches removed as well then we shodul be on th ehome stretch – may as well get her vaccinated as well while we are there. Might get the dogs done next fortnight actually, i think they are both due.

I forgot to try and get piccies this weekend. Will try and do it this week!

My medical terminolgy course ends this week, well this is the last actual week of lecture, next week is the anatomical museum and certificates. So will start investigating the insurance course and applying for jobs in underwriting….tempted to apply to the hundreds of jobs in NZ to be honest 😀 but i think D would kill me…must remember to ask him 😀

All in all feeling much better about everything this week than I have for a while.

Pumpkin salad

So another yummy salad we have found

Butternut pumpkin, thinly sliced
Red onion, cut into wedges
Baby spinach leaves

This should be done on a BBQ but I did it on the grill at home and worked just as well.

Cook the pumpkin, you only need to lay it on the grill for a minute either side to make it soft…not squishy.

Cook the onion, 2 minutes or so maybe longer until they are soft as well.

Dressing : (we made this up separelty to make sure it tasted ok and add each bit as needed)

Red wine vinegar
Wholegrain mustard

Mix it all together and voila!!

I think this would be superb with some lean lamb strips 😀


For some reason I am finding this hilarious..I am sure it is terrible..

Sleep turns woman into a sex addict

A WOMAN suffers from a mysterious disorder which turns her into a sex addict – when she is asleep.

Belle Floor is a Sexsomniac – meaning she engages in sexual acts while she is sleeping – and cannot remember anything the next day.

Her condition means she is too afraid to let boyfriends stay over in case she embarrasses herself at night.

Ms Floor, 32, from Almelo, Holland, set up her own support website six years ago after doctors failed to work out what was wrong with the pretty blonde.

The condition, which causes her to touch herself intimately, is so rare that at first she struggled to convince anyone she had no control over it.

Her ex-boyfriend Justin, 47, a construction worker, could not accept it was happening without her knowledge and eventually it caused them to separate.

Ms Floor said: “He never really believed I had no control over it and took it as a slur on his sexual prowess.

“I’ve been on a few dates since but I haven’t had men stay over with me, because I don’t want to get serious with them.”

Ms Floor first discovered her disturbing disorder in 1999 when Justin confronted her.

The softly spoken school administrator said: “Out of the blue one evening he asked me why I played with myself at night.

“I denied it because I couldn’t remember ever doing it.”

Ms Floor went to a series of doctors and psychologists, who told her there was nothing they could do as they had never heard of anyone with a similar condition.

Doctors offered her medication, and she also tried hypnotherapy, sex counselling and an EEG brain scan in an attempt to stop the sexsomnia incidents.

Muscle relaxant drugs helped for a while but she did not want to spend the rest of her life on medication.

Ms Floor has since found solace by speaking to other sufferers online and she set up her own website offering advice and support.

She said: “Knowing I wasn’t alone was a huge relief and speaking to others has brought me enormous comfort.

“There are no official figures on how many people suffer from sexsomnia but I’ve spoken to hundreds of men and women from all walks of life with the same condition.”

She said: “I now have my self-confidence and self esteem back. I have great friends, a great job and I really enjoy my life.”