We are heading to Kyneton this afternoon, to spend NYE with the family 😀

Don’t really know what the plans are at the moment, all I know is that we are taking our computers up as well and that we are having a BBQ 😀

I am making my secret ice cream, the kids requested it 😀  and I have made some tzatziki as well, I know how much the kids love it, so that will keep them occupied and slightly drunk with the Kahlua in the ice cream !!  LOL  Joking joking!!  Will stop and pick up all the stuff from the supermarket later once we hit Kyneton.

I am looking forward to 2010.  2009 was one of the worst years I have experienced, so I am looking forward to this year.  If we sell our house and if everything goes well with that, I will be so de stressed!

I am so excited with the new year! So many big plans for this year!!