Real estate

 So we had the real estate agent over today and OMG yes, we could potentially sell for anywhere between 450 to 510K he thinks.

It is slightly lower than what we discussed on the phone only because we got the size of our block wrong.  But anyway, the above figures will be fucking awesome.

Our current mortgage is not very high, and considering we are wanting to move out kyneton way, we may be able to get into the next house with a mortgage below 50k….if we have a mortgage at all, and I would prefer one – even small, just so we have some actual cash in a savings/term deposit etc.

We are going to wait until the new year before we do anything, we now have to:

1 – see a conveyancer for section32
2 – call our mortgage holder and discuss
3 – call some real estate agents in kyneton
4 – Call our guys back and get the ball rolling.

He seemed to think that if we put it on the market in the new year it could be sold by the end of Jan/Feb….So fast!!!