why oh why

In so much pain the last couple of days I am beginning to get annoyed with everyone and everything. Sorry to gross out the masses, but I couldn’t even go the toilet last night to wee, it took me about 30 minutes, everytime I sat down to go, the pain was so bad I had to stand back up again, which then caused me more pain…

Anyway I have been taking my antibiotics and they don’t seem to be helping at all this week.

I think I really need a job where I am not sitting down all day as it does not help with the medical condition to be constantly sitting on the open wound and preventing the actual area from healing. Having said that i don’t think it is healing I think I need more surgery and I shoudl call the surgeon and book an appointment but I just can’t handle the though of another operation… 😦

I will call him this week and book an appointment.

I just wish they could fix the fistula and make it not be building up and leaking disgusting bodily fluids all day, every day….ARGHHHHH!

Are you all grossed out now?? eheheheh


3 thoughts on “why oh why

  1. minxee says:

    a little grossed, but not entirely. I hope that surgery can help!
    What would you do if not working in an office?

    • dragonray says:

      Hrmm probably mechanic again….or something like landscaping 🙂 I would love to do landscaping…ie planting and gardening etc, and just not having to design everything coz I woudl suck with that 🙂 ahahh or work in a nursery maybe..I like plants 🙂

      • minxee says:

        Michael Gray worked in an nursery for a while – he liked it, but it was still retail work, which he’s always done. I think he enjoyed it more than other retail jobs.

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