We are heading to Kyneton this afternoon, to spend NYE with the family 😀

Don’t really know what the plans are at the moment, all I know is that we are taking our computers up as well and that we are having a BBQ 😀

I am making my secret ice cream, the kids requested it 😀  and I have made some tzatziki as well, I know how much the kids love it, so that will keep them occupied and slightly drunk with the Kahlua in the ice cream !!  LOL  Joking joking!!  Will stop and pick up all the stuff from the supermarket later once we hit Kyneton.

I am looking forward to 2010.  2009 was one of the worst years I have experienced, so I am looking forward to this year.  If we sell our house and if everything goes well with that, I will be so de stressed!

I am so excited with the new year! So many big plans for this year!!

Lost Song

 I heard a song on the radio whilst in wodonga, and I have been unable to locate it. It was a love song I guess, about standing at the edge of a tunnel and how good it was or something…the radio didn’t say who sang it, but it was a male voice, and I have had no luck in locating the song!!!


Boxing Day and Stuff

 So Xmas was ok I guess, and boxing day was good, we did our usual boxing day thing and went to Kyneton to hang out with the family 🙂  Had yummy BBQ and lots of drinkies 🙂  Came home quite Drunk as I think Evil C was trying to get me plastered!

Was a very fun day actually and I the conversation was so good I was just sitting in my chair, drunkish, and almost falling asleep with contentment 😀 Hopefully net year we will be living around the corner and it will make it easier to catch up with them.

Days like Boxing day are few and far between, we need more of them 🙂

Xmas again

So its Xmas time again, we are driving to Wodonga tonight and I am dreading it..I don’t dislike Drew’s mum in the slightest but we have very little in common with her and she is very difficult to talk to, so we tend to have rather dull times up there with her.

Things have been going ok, D and I are on the financial up!! THANK FUCK!! Our bills are basically paid in full, I have one more bill I need to pay yet for a friend, so hopefully that will be in a couple of weeks.

Then I get to save for a new pc…well for both of us to have new pc’s…LOL….then I can actually play some games! 😀

Talk to you in the new year!

Real estate

 So we had the real estate agent over today and OMG yes, we could potentially sell for anywhere between 450 to 510K he thinks.

It is slightly lower than what we discussed on the phone only because we got the size of our block wrong.  But anyway, the above figures will be fucking awesome.

Our current mortgage is not very high, and considering we are wanting to move out kyneton way, we may be able to get into the next house with a mortgage below 50k….if we have a mortgage at all, and I would prefer one – even small, just so we have some actual cash in a savings/term deposit etc.

We are going to wait until the new year before we do anything, we now have to:

1 – see a conveyancer for section32
2 – call our mortgage holder and discuss
3 – call some real estate agents in kyneton
4 – Call our guys back and get the ball rolling.

He seemed to think that if we put it on the market in the new year it could be sold by the end of Jan/Feb….So fast!!!