Multi topic update coz I can!

Narvi – is doing well, she is not completely out of the woods, but she is much better than she was two days ago. I have had very little sleep the lasyt couple of days, the first night she was home I was basically wake every hour making sure she was still breathing.

She will stop producing milk soon, and we have been given all the stuff required to feed the kittens, 4 times a day!! LOL

Exercise – Have not walked the last 3 days, will need to go nuts this week and make sure we do it every day – even if we don’t do the big walk we need to ensure we do some walk….However we have been making a concerted effort to eat a lot better. Found an awesome recipe for an avocado/chicken salad thing.

2 avocados
Roast chicken torn into chunks
Snow peas sliced in half
Snow pea shoots (we used alfalfa though)
Tin of drained Chick peas

Avocado Oil
White vinegar
Pinch of Sugar

Nice little meal for dinner if you ask me 🙂

Work – really busy must dash now…LOL was going to type more but it will have to wait 😀

2 thoughts on “Multi topic update coz I can!

  1. minxee says:

    That salad sounds fantastic! I’m already trying to get my head around what salads I will make (as opposed to think about making) that will go into the fridge next week and I can add to thema nd eat them over a few days.

  2. minxee says:

    Glad Narvi is recovering!

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