Testing from Gmail and stuff

Edited – it did it as well – dammnit!

I am testing this posting via email from my Gmail account to see if it does
the odd formatting that my work email seems to produce.

Will have to see how it goes I guess.

Am feeling really flat today, not sure why, just lethargic, I think it could
be that I require and influx of caffeine stat! or it coudl be that I am just
tired….maybe and more likely a mix…..it probably also has to do with the
fact that I am listening to such slow music on my iphone I am almost falling
asleep….well that’s the problem with a crappy soundtrack for a new movie
which i haven’t seen yet!!


I would go and see the midnight screening if I wanted to spend 40 bucks on a
ticket, but I just can’t justify that, so will go and see it sometime over
the weekend…and nbo i don’t want to see it opening night…far too many
other people will be doing that I am still nto brilliant in
crowds…..better than i was 2 years ago, but not something I want to just
throw myself into. I can’t believe it is finally here!!! SQUEUUEEEEEE!!!!

OK that made me a lilttle perkier….so must get coffee and listen to some
upbeat music!! LOL

I worked until 8pm last night to clear some of our queues out and clear it
up for the team and I get in this morning and get told it didn’t make a
difference…that was fucking depressing news as well, but not uncommon
here. I got through approx cases yesterday in total and none of it made any
difference even though I brought us up to approx 3 days instead fo 5…..I
hate this queue/day system we have sometimes…..

I have a Dr appointment at 9.45am as the surgery they did in JUne has still
not healed and I am really getting over it….this will be the third time I
have been to the Dr about it. They just keep giving me antibitoics saying it
is infected and that’s why it hasn’t healed so I am on drugs for like a
month, i leave it a month and then i go back to the Dr when it hasn’t
healed….it is becoming a pattern and I am getting very very sick of it.

I have another 2 Dr appointments next week for my female bits and a recheck
on that, so will give more detail on that once I have been.

Anyway I think that is enough for a test post hey? LOL


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