I am hoping I am just PMTing as I am feeling numb. Completely numb and lethargic? lethargic isn’t the right word….I feel as though I just cannot muster enough energy up to really care about anything at the moment.

I am almost sick of living with the day to day crap that comes with it. I am sick of the fact that housework never stops, bills never stop, I am constantly doing dishes or washing or paying or working and doing the same thing every single day.

I am lost in the monotony that is life and I feel as though I am scrabbling to get out and move past this kind of lifestyle. Not that i want to eat at restaurants for the rest of my life and order room service for ever, but I think I just want a short period of time where I don’t have to think about things like that. Where I can send my clothes to be washed and returned to me, where someone else cooks and does the dishes and someone else concerns themselves with my bills…I need a full time maid/chef/accountant that’s
what I need.

I need a holiday I think….I holiday where I can sit in the same clothes for a week and not worry about whether they are clean or dirty, well except for my underpants :o) HAHAHA A nice long holiday with me being pampered! o.O yes please 😀

Who wants to come with me?


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