Well sort of

OK well that sort of worked, it has my work spiel after all my text, I don’t think I can get rid of that – so will have to just go back and edit it out of the entries at a later stage. Also for soem reason it doesn’t use the entire length of the column it splits my text for some reason….but meh – I will worry about that another day.

So I quit smoking again yesterday…LOL yes I hear you all say – you have done this before.,..but this time will be different. I am really going to make a concerted effort to stay off them. I only need to get through one – maybe 2 weeks without having one cigarette and I will be all fine….well I dont’ think the cravings will ever stop entirely, but I will be able to deal with them more as the weeks pass.

I am feeling good about this decision, sort of…I love my cigarettes – but I don’t love a lot more about them – and no my health is not one of the issues.

Speaking of which I am having my ultrasound next week then back to the gyno the week after to determine the lump on my cervix and to see if it is anything serious. The gyno sauid she couldn’t see anything but she didn’t want to take any chances and that I had to wait 6 weeks for this ultrasound…hence the massive gap in time. So that has been booked in – i am nervous as I don’t want there to be anything wrong, but I don’t want it
to just be my weight that is causing issues…..

D and I have looked up almost every kind of sport/exercise we have an inkling of interest in and are deciding what we want to do. Hopefully in 3 weeks time most of our financial hurdles will be done with so we can start focusing on ourselves and what we need to do with out life. I am not sure what this is going to mean for us starting up some form of excercise – but all i know is that if we don’t make some more changes to our lives I am going to be in very very bad shape very very quickly..and that is not something I want to have happen.

I am wanting to get back into Aikido or belly dancing – deciding which is hard as I enjoy both. but I might be able to do both if I can manage it. We also want to make more of an effort to spend time with the doggies…we spend most of our home time with them and we platy with them etc, but I just feel we shoudl be spending more quality time with them. D wants to get into Kendo or some sort of sword training…..so we are currently trying to decide what we want to do and what is going to give us the best amount of exercise for the huge amounts of money we need to pay 😀

ehehhe anyway back to work now!


3 thoughts on “Well sort of

  1. minxee says:

    how about going for a walk with your dogs – spend time with them and get some exercise too? And it’s FREE!!
    I see a theme, a style of thinking that I’m prone to as well – I spend more time thinking about and planning my exercise than actually doing it. If I spent as much time doing exercise as I do thinking about, I’d be a hell of alot fitter.
    Trouble for me was that I didn’t *like* any form of exercise. At all. Until I found kickboxing, I sound like a religious nutter, but I really do love it soooo much and never thought I was an active sort of person until I started doing it. Now I want to do it more and more often and I love the body hurt after a good session. I think it’s also a good stress reliever, but they say all exercise is good for you in that way.
    I hope everything goes well with your ultrasound.
    And there is a way to remove the auto signature whilst doing an email post – I’ll figure it out for you!

    • dragonray says:

      I am very much the same about the exercise thing, if we had started and continued 3 or even 4 yerars agfo – we would be running world marathons by now…
      But stupid us have just spent too much time getting out of financial difficulties then having money to spend on actual execrice and I hate walking…I would find it so boring – I just hate the idea of doing it…I spend time chasing my dogs around the yard for hours so i don’t have to go for walks :d HAHAHA
      Thanks re the ultrasounf…next will tell all :d

      • minxee says:

        I mean, I’ve been sitting here all day, trying to think up a good reason why I shouldn’t take myself off to another kickboxing class….these are the things that I imagine will go thru my head at a class….
        !) I hate the music, we don’t have music when Hays trains us at work
        2) I feel like the odd one out cause I don’t know anyone
        3) Hays doesn’t teach us that way
        4) my boobs are in the way and everyone is staring at me
        5) WTF are they yelling?? I can’t hear over the music

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