an update of sorts

So, D didn’t get the job in sydney, although they did offer him a place in Sydney office if he wanted to take his role up there….well *sarcasm* YAY! LOL Why woudl we move states for the same money that he is on now? No thanks.

We had a discussion about what we wanted from life yesterday as I don’t want to be the "material" couple, who needs to be earning lots of money to be happy, we earn enough for what we need so shoudl we not be happy with that? We didn’t come to a conclusion about it as we ended up getting sidetracked etc, but we will continue it another day.

Nothing much else has been going on – I have done nothing abotu losing weight….I just don’t have the motivation – I am always so damn tired. will try anf fix that this week, I just need to start going to bed earlier than midnight and getting up at 6am…I need more than 6 hours sleep….8 or 12 woudl be nice 🙂 heheeh

Work is work 🙂 I have about 6 weeks until I am on leave for 3 weeks. Then just have to spend the next 9 months counting down to my long service leave in Sept. Once i have managed to get passed Septemeber I will decide what I want to do with my life.

Beltaine celebrations were good, aside from the abuse we copped from a certain individual who attempted to ruin the evening for us. I had a hard time not going off my head at her in public, but it was not my house, and not my sabbat, so I didn’t want to cause more of a scene than she already did.

Narvi – my cat, is about to pop,l she is fat and heavy 🙂 Fingers crossed she has her babies and there are no problems. I am really worried as I have never done cats before. Give me dogs whelping and I would be fine :D. Cats…NFI how it all works for them. LOL..

Anyway enough from me 🙂 Will write more later when I am not falling asleep at my pc!


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