Job Loss

A fried of  mine lost her job today. We weren’t the kind of friends who hung out after work, or even go for lunch all that often together, but we used to chat a lot, have all our smoke breaks together and we used to bicth about work, and gossip about all the sluts wandering around the place.

We were friends.

She was walked out of the building at 5.00pm this afternoon, because of her quality.  While I understand quality is a big issue, I had hoped my company would have tried to help her a little more. Been a little more willing to come to the party on increasing her quality score.

I am feeling a little let down at the moment, and …I can’t really think of the word….disillusioned…yes about the whole situation.

I know from a business POV blah blah blah, but the people who work here are still people with lives and commitments and financial concerns and to just fire someone because they were not handling their job seems a little inconsiderate of the person.

Our company wants to be an employer of choice, providing you can live up to their expectations and not ever expect a fair deal to be considered.

She even asked for a demotion so she could focus on her quality and was told no.  I think that kind of attitude is reprehensible.  But perhaps I am being overly sensitive because she was a friend and I KNEW how hard she was trying to get her quality up.

I feel simply awful for her and I hope she manages to get another job really quickly that is better for her and can let her build her confidence back up again.


One thought on “Job Loss

  1. minxee says:

    fuck….that’s really shite. I wouldn’t have thought she could be fired on the spot for a quality issue if she hadn’t received formal warnings previously.
    But then, as I wrote about the other week, I wasn’t sure if firing on the spot could happen with my employer or not. Sure there are on the spot dismissable offences, but they are fairly rare in occurrence.
    My mate got a warning for his boo-boo the other week and you know what, his mishap was fucking major. Press release major. And he got a warning.
    I hope your friends gets a new job soon.

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