So i realised today that although I am the centre of my world, so is everyone else the centre of theirs.

This is not a bad thing at all, but just a realisation that makes me wonder about individuals and what they consider important parts of their lives.

I came back from a couple of days of leave concerned for people that were having provlems at work etc, so my first 20 minutes at work this morning were catching up with them to ensure everything is going ok and they are not too stressed etc, yet not until about 3.00pm this afternoon did anyone ask me if everything was ok with me. 

So although I have not stopped thinking about everything going on in my world I have felt a little upset about the fact that I don’t rate high enough on anyone elses importance list at work.

I have to admit people I play online with and have never actually met, and dont see all day every day show more concern for my welfare…

Just an interesting little fact about how people interact with each other or how obvious it really is that people are not fully aware of people outside their little world.

Side note to that, people always say after someone has committed suicide "I didn’t know they felt like that" "they never asked for help" "they were always happy etc"  I wonder if that is because too many of us live in our little bubbles and just ignore everything….

It makes me sad in all honesty…..


4 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. amhrantine says:

    I guess it depends on what’s going on in those little worlds, too. If someone is happy, relaxed, enjoying a nice simple straight-forward patch in their lives it’s easier to consider and care about the lives of other people. If their life is s shitstorm, it’s harder.
    Still, I often find that one-sided attitude, as you do. I’m often concerned about what effect my actions have on other people, and stress about that, only to realize that my actions good or bad don’t impact on them at all.
    As you say, you just realise that and it’s not good or bad, just is.

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah was just an observation I guess. I mean I have known it for a while, but I am beginning to open my eyes to relationships now since I am not going through quiote so much mental stuff.
      It is a shame that some things are so one sided, but I guess in a society where everything is becoming online and faster it is hard to maintain or even build friendships/relationships to what they used to be…
      perhaps I am just waffling… 😀 lol

  2. minxee says:

    I’ve really enjoyed having an extended break from the online world – is getting married and going on a honeymoon. Forces one to live in the ‘here and now’ rather than the intangible online world, yet which is also so very real to me as well.
    I have made a pact with myself to live more in the Real World than in my head or online.
    God it was good to see you the weekend of the wedding. I need to visit Melbourne more often to see you!!!

    • dragonray says:

      Yeah I figured I woudl just let you settle back into normal life before I harrassed you for gossip and info about the honeymoon :d eheh
      It was sooo good to see you to 😀

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