Giddy up

So back from the Gyno and WOOPEE!!!  There is nothing on my cervix… the ultrasound was a freak out fest for nothing.  The gyno basically said yes my hormones are all screwy but essentially I have such mild PCOS, that if I lose the weight I will probably never even know I had it. I am feeling much much chirpier than I was yesterday 😀

On the downside I now have to drop – let’s say – 70kg….I don’t even know what weighs 70 kgs, that is basically half my weight….chop me in half and I am done.

So the question now becomes HOW do i lose that much weight – the answer, so I am told, is one kilo at a time.

D has advised he will do everything he can with me, excercise, change in diet, sleeping habits etc so that we are both benefiting from it and not making me feel like I am going through this all alone.

Mum is over the moon that I now have a reason to change my life and get healthy – she has been on my back for about 2 years 😀

So I am going to make this journal full of crap – I am sorry to say, it’s going to have fat pictures, food info, weight loss progress amongst all the other shite 😀  I will title those entries so you can skip over them.  I was going to start a seperate journal for it all, but decided I already have too many journals on the go, with this one and my WoW journal.

This weekend will be devoted to the investigation of healthy eating information, recipes and other such tripe…but it will all work out 😀

Tonight however I am going to listen to a Vivaldi show at the recital centre, it was a present to cheer me up from D.  I am in love with Vivaldi, and so I thought it was an awesome present to receive 😀


2 thoughts on “Giddy up

  1. amhrantine says:

    Hello, Mel!
    I’m on the same road with prattling about healthy diets and exercise at the moment, so possibly pick up tips from each other. Shannon passed on a bunch of sites that deal with food, calories and so on such as nutrition which may be helpful.

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