More Medical

So had my ultrasound on Friday and spent the entire weekend freaking out since they saw somethign on my ervix that worried them. I found out today that something, may be fibroids, which I also have another one on the cysts I have as well- or so they think.

The Dr said I have to see a gyno before a month to get this investigated further, which means I will have to have a laproscopy more than likely so they can get in there and have a look see.

I am unable to stop the tears today as I am just so very much over the whole medical problems I am having this year (and previous obviously).

This year with the abcess on my back that won’t heal, the PCOS, the never ending 3 month period and the new discovery of fibroids and potential surgery is almost too much for my brain and mental health to cope with.

So mum gave me the name of her gyno, which I am seeing on Thursday, and from there I don’t know what will happen. Suffice it to say I am really just over it.

I have requested a couple of days annual leave this week as I am not coping with all the stress, and thankfully I got approved, so I am off Thursday and will be back at work on Tuesday.  I just need a couple of days to let this all sink in and to push it to the back of my functioning mind.

Anyway I am just too mentally exhausted to write anymore, so I am just going to sign off and be back later when I have had time to gather my thoughts 😀


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